Treatment of obesity


Plastic and cosmetic surgery plays a central role in a fight against consequences of a severe, and sometimes even a morbid obesity.

First of all, the palliative surgery can be a functional treatment of obesity.

Plastic surgery is especially important in the treatment of strong weight loss consequences (weight loss more than 20 kg). Such weight loss can be achieved in a natural way, by sports and diet, and as a result of bariatric surgery (stomach wrap, By pass, sleeve gastrectomy and so on…)


Doctor Durand closely works with a versatile team which is based in two centers:


– The Obesity Center in Medical and surgical center of Le Mans:

  • Surgeons specializing in visceral surgery, and also in digestive system surgery: Doctor Isabelle Brachet, Doctor Constantin Georgeac, Doctor Xavier Chesnard (ph. 02 43 78 40 78)
  • Diabetes endocrinologists: Doctor C. Gautier, Doctor G. Clotteau
  • Dietarians: Madam C. Vaucelle, Madam F.Campas


– Health training and readaptation Center:

Le Mans 72000 Avenue General de Gaulle, 58 (ph. 02 43 28 77 88)

Doctor Durand, also works with doctor Martin (endocrinologist) and the whole team consisting of diabetologists, nurses, dietarians and medico-sports coaches.

Doctor Durand offers a full range of services to satisfy wishes of each client.

Each part of a body affected by a strong variation of weight can be corrected:

What can be done for a breast:

  • It is possible to reduce its size: Breast plasticity or reduction
  • It can be increased: Transplantation of adipose tissue or breast implants
  • It can be lifted: Correction of breast ptosis
  • It can be made symmetrical: Correcting of asymmetry and remodeling.

What can be done for a stomach:

  • Removal of sagging skin:
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Circular abdominoplasty: Body lift
  • Remodeling of a stomach: Mini abdominoplasty, liposuction

What can be done for thighs:

  • Horizontal or vertical thigh lift
  • Reduction in size: Liposuction

What can be done for arms:

  • Arm lift: Brachioplasty
  • Reduction in size: Liposuction

What can be done for buttocks:

  • Buttocks lift
  • Increase in size: Buttock Lipofilling

What can be done for a back:

  • Removal of adipose tissue in a back: Liposuction
  • Plasticity of adipose tissue around a back and sides

What can be done for a face:

  • Sagging skin on the face or premature aging of the face: circular lifting
  • Correction of double chin
  • Thin face, sunken cheeks: Lipofilling, etc…

It is not the complete list of what can be done by means of plastic surgery.

strong weight loss

Sometimes consequences of strong weight loss are worse than consequences of obesity…

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