Buttocks plastic surgery


Buttocks plastic surgery is constantly developing thanks to the pressure of mass media. Another reason is that fashion dictates us basically tight things.

The desire to possess ideal Brazilian “buttocks” becomes especially strong during a swimming season. Unfortunately, for some people, plastic surgery is the only opportunity to become the owner of beautiful, tight buttocks.

Plastic surgery is capable of a lot of things, for example, it can decrease the size by means of liposuction, for lifting doctor uses body lift (body lift), lipofilling is used to enlarge size.

All three operations are supplementing for obtaining the optimum result.


Operation under the name BBL (Brazil butt lift) has been popular in the United States of America for a long time. This operation allows creating “buttocks of your dream”. The patient will choose the size and form, and the doctor, by means of liposuction and lipofilling will achieve a desirable result. This operation gains the increasing popularity in Europe and it is really interesting that it’s popular both among women and among men. In principal, that’s understandable because beautiful and tight buttocks are sexy and attractive. The main thing is that the result will be as after a year of intensive training in the gym!

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