Scars and cuts

Scars and cuts

Esthetic problem:

Unfortunately, there are cases when surgery leaves unattractive cuts. They can be in a visible place, strongly differ from skin color, be inaccurate, atrophic or too wide.


For each of the above-mentioned problems, there is an adequate solution. Surgery is often used for the decrease of too wide scars. If the scar strongly differs from skin color, then it is possible to paint it by means of a permanent make-up to make the color of the scar similar to skin color. In case of a keloid scar, the doctor can advise injections of corticosteroids to anesthetize it and reduce it in a size. Dermabrasion, in other words, grinding, is also a good way of fight against scars.


The local anesthesia is most often used.

Procedure duration:

From 15 minutes


The majority of such surgeries are done in doctor Durand’s office, out-patient hospitalization can be necessary in rare instances.

Possible risks:

One of the main risks is the relapse of formation of a not esthetic scar.

Before the procedure:

It is necessary to consult doctor Durand and he’ll advise you the solution of your problem. Then the assistant of the surgeon will set a date of the procedure which will be carried out in the office of the doctor, or in the clinic.

After the procedure:

Compression bandages are used for healing of some sutures.


From 150 euros

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