Plastic Surgery for Men


Many men want to have relief muscles, a six-pack of abs and tight figure, however not everyone finds time and desire for regular visits to the gym and healthy nutrition. If you recognize yourself don’t be upset: you can have all this without tiresome training and diet!

Our plastic surgeons will correct your figure with pleasure, having made it harmonious and tight. We assure you that together with a slim figure you will feel younger and more vigorously.

Male body (breast, tummy, calf, and thigh)

  • Liposuction will help you to get rid of fat deposits on a tummy, thighs and other problem zones. For the best effect, we advise the newest technique of cryolipolysis by the machine Crystal.
  • If fat deposits stopped being just local, then it is worth thinking of the cardinal decision.
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is the excellent solution to this problem!
  • If you dream to have large and relief muscles, implants and special gel will help you. They also help all men with injuries or congenital defects.



Perhaps, you will be surprised but facelift is quite demanded among men. About 20% of clients of the western plastic surgeons are men. Actors, politicians, businessmen and even representatives of the middle class more often ask plastic surgeons for help. And there is nothing reprehensible in it because the desire to look younger and more attractive isn’t bad at all. By the way, many celebrities are not ashamed of their visits to plastic surgeons, so why ordinary men cannot do the same?

Despite essential differences between man’s and woman’s face, the most part of plastic surgeries is identical. Our plastic surgeons, thanks to their experience, excellently know all nuances and differences of male and female plasticity thanks to that they manage to achieve excellent results.

  • Thanks to modern facial implants it is possible to correct face and chin form.
  • Liposuction of a neck will help to clean “jowl”.
  • Lifting of the lower third of the face will save you from a “turkey goiter”.

If you need small changes in the appearance, then we offer the new service Softlifting. It doesn’t assume operation and it’s done within 20-30 minutes. After injections there are no bruises, edemas or scars, rehabilitation isn’t required.

Liposuction is mainly preferable for women, but the number of men continuously grows every year. Some men want to get rid of beer guts, others want to bring their body to perfection. The reasons can be absolutely different, however, one thing unites all of them: each man wants to look good and feel comfortable.

Differences between “male” and “female” liposuction

Actually, there is a little difference in these techniques, but still, there are some.

  • If women fat deposits are mainly concentrated on tights, men have their fat deposits mainly in a zone of a tummy. The unpleasant feature is that even sports activities and diet remove fat in these zones very slowly.
  • In most cases, men want to remove as much adipose tissue as possible.
  • Male pain threshold is lower, the period of their rehabilitation is longer, and also the probability of formation of ugly scars is higher.

Breast reduction

Gynecomastia is a problem of the enlarged male breast. This pathology is quite often, and its reasons can be very different. Most often the reason for gynecomastia is not a disease but excess adipose tissue in a breast area. In a different way, it is called pseudo-gynecomastia. Our plastic surgeons will easily cope with this problem, allowing men to return their real strong male breast.

La liposuccion pour les hommes

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