– During your first visit to doctor Durand, you’ll receive the detailed estimate with the overall cost of the operation.

– In this estimate, there will be such points as the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, the cost of hospitalization and material (it can be breast implants, a prosthesis of a chin or hyaluronic acid).

– If you don’t live in Le Mans (France), one of the assistants of Doctor Durand can organize your arrival, help with the booking of a hotel and your movement around the city.

– Since 2012 plastic surgery in France has been VAT taxable (20%).

– In case of complications or a repeat operation for various reasons, Doctor Durand will provide you the new estimate.

– Thus, on the result of your first consultation, you will have a clear idea regarding the price and the operation.

The prices provided below include the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, and clinic. Hotel and translation services aren’t included in the price list.

It is worth noticing that it is not the complete list of prices and services, you can make an e-mail request to know the price of the operation which isn’t in the list below.

Prices for consultation:

– Consultation on reconstructive surgery – 80 euros

– Consultation on a referral by the treating physician – 60 euros

– Consultation on a plastic surgery – 60 euros

Aesthetic medicine:

Botox injections from 400 euros

Injections of hyaluronic acid from 400 euros

Medical peeling – 80 euros for the procedure

Permanent make-up from 200 euros

This is an incomplete price list:

Attention, tariffs can vary depending on the complexity, and also operation duration.

Circular facelift – 9 000 euros

Mini facelift – 6722 euros

Mini lift – 4680 euros

Blepharoplasty – 2796 euros

Blepharoplasty of the upper and lower eyelids – 4380 euros

Abdominoplasty – 5316 euros

Thighplasty – 4972 euros

Correction of a breast ptosis – 5452 euros

Breast augmentation by means of breast implants – 5688 euros

Correction of gynecomastia – 3540 euros

Liposuction – 2 zones – 4596 euros

Liposuction – 3 zones – 5724 euros

Full rhinoplasty – 4884 euros

Partial rhinoplasty – 3084 euros

Genioplasty – 2604 euros

Body lift – 6000 euros

Reduction of breast – 5429 euros

Chin prosthesis – 2388 euros

Brachioplasty – 4769 euros

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