In December 2014 I arrived to Le Mans for a facelift operation. More than 3 years have passed since the operation but the result is tremendous! Nothing has changed, sutures aren’t visible at all, I can freely make a ponytail. Earlier I was afraid that the result will be short-lived but since the operation, nothing has changed! I’ve already decided to go for abdominoplasty this winter!


Thanks to Doctor Durand who returned me self-confidence. Since the childhood I suffered from congenital deformation of an upper lip, many doctors tried to correct this defect but the result was unsatisfactory. I read about Durand in the Ukrainian L’Officiel and was pleasantly surprised with the prices. Many thanks to Doctor Durand, he’s got hands of gold. This is a real Fabergé of plastic surgery!


Doctor Durand did liposuction for me. It had to be done for only one zone, so I bought the special compressive underclothes. However, when I woke up from anesthesia, I understood that the doctor did liposuction in additional zones, too. At first, I didn’t know how to feel – happy or sad because everything was swelled, and I couldn’t estimate result. Only a year later I understood that it was the correct action from the doctor as now my silhouette is more harmonious.


I have been living in Paris for more than 15 years. Many times I wanted to decrease my breast, however, in the capital of France, the prices were absurd! In native St. Petersburg the prices were much cheaper but I did not really want to be operated there. You never know what can happen, and in Russia, I won’t find anyone responsible for this! My friend advised me to go to Doctor Durand. Le Mans is in an hour’s ride from Paris but the prices differ significantly. I was even surprised because the prices are as low as in St. Petersburg. However, the fact that you should sign up for a year ahead calmed me down. The operation was done perfectly, I woke up from anesthesia without any problems, sutures were almost invisible in a month! THANKS!

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