Circular facelift

Circular facelift

The aim is to lift face skin and remove wrinkles, and hanging down skin folds. It is important to notice that during neck and facelift, mouth isn’t affected.

The expected result:

The face will look much younger, the appearance will be strongly changed, deep wrinkles won’t disturb you anymore.


Most often general anesthesia, in certain cases neuroleptic anesthesia is needed.

Operation duration:

From 2 to 4 hours

Hospitalization duration:

From one to two days.


Radiation therapy in the area of face and neck, wounds, scars, smoking.


The face will be swollen and covered with bruises for one-two weeks. During three weeks facial expression will be minimally expressional.

Possible risks:

Paralysis in a face area, infection, ugly sutures.

Before the operation:

During the first consultation, Doctor Durand will explain you the principles and risks of this operation. If you decide to be operated, then during the second consultation you’ll need to explain the doctor the expected result, also you will be able to ask all your questions concerning the operation. Mutual understanding between the patient and the doctor is very important. During the second the doctor will show you photos of patients “Before” and “After” the operation. Also during the second consultation, your personal file will be opened and the date of the operation will be determined.

Postoperative period:

Every day it will be necessary to wash sutures and change a bandage before a full recovery. It is done at home, also it is possible to call the nurse.


From 2000 euros

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