Correction of breast ptosis

Correction of breast ptosis

Breast ptosis is a gradual ptosis of mammary glands and loss of their size which is followed by skin stretching.

The problem arises most often after augmentation mammoplasty and subsequent reduction, thus, pregnancy, loss of weight or just natural aging can lead to breast ptosis.

The problem is that process of breast ptosis is irreversible even with a good heredity and consistent care. The only effective way of fight is a plastic surgery, namely breast lift. The principle of breast lift doesn’t differ from reduction mammoplasty.

The operation can be done in two ways. The periareolar method has the cut around an areola, it is possible at the initial degree of breast ptosis. The vertical method allows tightening the breast up as much as possible, the suture goes upright down to a fold and around an areola.

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