Malarplasty is an operation which changes expression of malar areas.

Asymmetry of the face, underdeveloped, wide or sunken cheekbones, and congenital or acquired defects of cheekbones are indications for this operation.

There are a lot of ways to correct these aesthetic disadvantages: implants, lipofilling or usual filling with fillers.

Also, such plastic surgery includes decrease of cheekbones and decrease of the lower part of a jaw. The decrease of cheekbones includes grinding of the bone tissue because of which the middle face zone looks too wide. The decrease of the lower part of a jaw includes removal of an excess bone in the lower part of a jaw, therefore, this part of the face becomes narrower.


Harmonious, beautiful, young and natural face.


General anesthesia or local anesthesia

Operation duration:

From 1 to 2 hours

Hospitalization duration:

Most often as an outpatient


Hematomas, pain while chewing


Infections, rejection or displacement of an implant, in certain cases sutures are noticeable (in a lower eyelid or near ears)


From 1000 euros

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