Le Pôle Santé Sud

Le Pôle Santé Sud

Le Pôle Santé Sud is a big medical complex in which can be done any operations. It is located on the Southside of Le Mans and it is considered one of the best medical centers in France.

If we describe this facility in figures:

500 hospital beds

The medical plateau equipped with the last generation technology which includes:

  • The surgery block consisting of 18 rooms (the cardiology room, the room of robotic surgery and two external blocks).
  • The maternity department consisting of 12 rooms
  • The department of neonatology and intensive care
  • The room for post-operational awakening is equipped with 28 posts
  • Block of prolonged medical and surgical therapy
  • The block of intensive cardiotherapy

In the clinic Le Pôle Santé Sud doctor Durand can do the majority of the operations in absolute safety. Hospitalization is made in out-patient department and in department 2A where the patient is surrounded by reliable and highly skilled staff which has a direct link with plastic surgery.

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